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Buy Lambanog – Lambanog for Sale in the Philippines

To the hardy-drinking rural people, lambanog, the coconut liquor, is “THE” Philippine alcoholic beverage– the arrack of the masa.

Primarily manufactured and produced in the Southern Tagalog area, particularly the Quezon location, lambanog has been called the “coconut nectar,” 100 % natural, 80-95 proof spirit that emerges from the sap of the unopened “heart” of the coconut. It has indeed gradually flowed into alcohol’s tributaries of tastes, meriting comparisions by having the additional spirits of intercontinental renown, attaining attributions like “Philippine tequila,” “coconut vodka,” “coconut wine,” and “Philippine grappa,” and beginning to appear in high-end bar menus of martinis and mixed drinks, laced by having guava liquid or passion fruit.

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There is a wide variety of Lambanog for sale in the Philippines, here are some of the best Lambanog:

Lambanog for Sale – Capistrano Lambanog

Buy Lambanog - Lambanog for Sale - Capistrano LambanogCapistrano Lambanog  with its elegant appeal, is great for giveaways and souvenirs, presents or merely for private intake! Made in Brgy. Wakas, Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

Pure and Clear Lambanog for Sale
Has the exceptional yet assertive quality of a fine alcoholic beverage. This Distilled coconut wine is truly a drinker’s drink. .

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Lambanog for Sale – Dory’s Lambanog

Buy Lambanog Philippines - Dory's DistilleryDory’s Distillery, Inc. takes pride in its brand new establishments called “Lambalites.” These fruity lambanog that look like imported fruit liquids at first glance contain 22 percent liquor and can be found in strawberry, blackberry, melon, and bubblegum essences.

Included in desirable containers created by Design Center of the Philippines, these fermented saps of unopened coconut flowers have indeed brought in regional and foreign enthusiasts of alcoholic beverages. The distillery’s earlier products Organic Lamba (45 percent alcohol). Vicente Uno (45 percent alcohol), LambaJack (40 percent liquor), Varique raisin essence (40 percent liquor) have also won the interests of drinkers.

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Infanta Lambanog

Buy Lambanog Philippines - Infanta LambanogInfanta Lambanog is one of the most finest and original lambanog from the Philippine Islands. It is 100% natural and chemical free alcoholic beverage, distilled to perfection from coconut nectar.

The local people of Infabta, Quezon call the Infanta Lambanog winery as “putuhan”. The wine making process of Infanta Lambanog is basically a distillation process where “tuba” is distilled to extract its alcohol content.

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Lambanog for Sale – Milmar Distellary

Buy Lambanog Philippines - Milmar DistellaryPure, simple and powerful, lambanog is an actual man’s beverage, although granted, some ladies are able to outdrink most men. Vodka comes from potatoes, wine and grappa stem from grapes, and most other alcoholic beverages originate from grains. Harvesters just stoop to collect yams, grapes and grains. In contrast, lambanog comes from coconut flowers. Males climb up tall coconut trees, without any sort of safety nets or lines, moving from one tree to another  balancing precariously on bamboo poles some thirty expense
up in the air.

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Lambanog for Sale – ArchipelaGOLD Flavored Lambanog Coconut Wine

Buy Lambanog - ArchipelaGOLD Flavored Coconut WineArchipelaGold needs to undoubtedly rate as the worlds most precious wine. The one-of-a-kind fruit wine derived from fermentation of coconut sap, which tastes more like a liquor than a wine, is named Archipelagold, after its south pacific origin. The Archipelago is a group of 7 thousand islands, collectively understood as the Philippines, and its tropical climate supplies 25 % of the globes coconut produce, of which this stimulating and mouth watering Filipino drink is obtained.

The “mangangarit” or the agile coconut sap collector for the production of Archipelagold could conveniently make it to the short listing of exceptional ways of gaining a living. However for 58-year-old Rolando Rubiales, who climbs a minimum of 12-meter-high coconut trees and balances himself as they crosses bamboo bridges that connect the trees to each other to gather the sap, the job is nothing astonishing.

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Coconut Vodka - Philippine Lambanog