Drinks with Coconut Vodka – Lambanog Recipes

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Drinks with Coconut Vodka – Lambanog Recipes Experience the taste of Coffee with Lambanog, for more information and to buy, CLICK HERE. Drinks with Coconut Vodka – Coconut Grove Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz Lambanog […]

Buy Lambanog – Flavored Lambanog for Sale

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Buy Lambanog – Lambanog for Sale in the Philippines To the hardy-drinking rural people, lambanog, the coconut liquor, is “THE” Philippine alcoholic beverage– the arrack of the masa. Primarily manufactured and produced in the Southern […]

Coconut Wine Making

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Introduction to Coconut Wine Making Coconut wine and coconut wine making is very popular in the Philippines and lots of folks frequently describe coconut wine as tuba. It consists of pure sap, with no bark […]

Coconut Vodka

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Coconut Vodka – Lambanog Philippines One of the typical parts of coconut and kaong is the sap or liquid. Coconut Sap is processed to vinegar and lambanog (coconut vodka). The juice is sweet with initial […]

Coconut Wine Tuba

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Coconut Wine – A Type of Palm Wine Palm wine (Coconut Wine) also called palm toddy and called “kallu”, or merely toddy, is an alcoholic beverage generated from the sap of numerous animals of palm […]