Coconut Vodka Recipes

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Coconut Vodka Recipes with Lambanog Experience the taste of Coffee with Lambanog, for more information and to buy, CLICK HERE. Coconut Vodka Recipes – Soho Martini Cocktail with Philippine Lambanog Ingredients: 2 Shot (s) Vodka 1/2 […]


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Arak – Definition Arak or Araq (Arabic: عرق|ALA-LC: ‘araq|pronounced [ʕɑrɑq]), is a highly alcoholic spirit (~ 50 % -63 % Alc. Vol.|~ 100-126 proof) from the anis refreshments family. It is a clear, colorless, unsweetened […]


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What is Arrack? Arrack is a  liquor generated in Asia and parts of the Middle East. Traditionally, arrack has actually been produced from fermented palm sap, although components like rice, additional grains, sugarcane, and molasses […]

How to Make Coconut Wine

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How To Make Coconut Wine – A Step by Step Guide to Making Coconut Wine in the Philippines Introduction in Coconut Wine Making: Some coconut farmers in the Philippines not only utilize coconuts for making […]

Lambanog Wine

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Lambanog Wine – Philippine Coconut Vodka To the hardy-drinking rural people, lambanog, the coconut liquor, is the Philippine alcoholic beverage — the arrack of the masa. If you want to taste and experience the Lambanog […]